Ray of Hope Service Society {ROHSS} is a registered Non- Governmental Organization established in the year 2005 with a vision to bring Hope in hopeless Lives. ROHSS is initiated by seven persons to reach the unreached people in Andhra Pradesh. The Founder and Chair-person Mrs Dr. Pedapudi Deena Ananda Kiran Mani has a vision since her childhood to serve the needy. She is touched by the verses from the Holy Bible, the book of Isaiah 58:7&8 and also James 1:27.Those words encouraged her to start Ray of Hope Service Society {ROHSS} in the year 2005. Children are the world’s most valuable resource and the best hope for the future. Healthy Children of today build mighty nation tomorrow.

Therefore, besides other social activities ROHSS focuses much on the upliftment of the needy and suffering Children. ROHSS is unique in nurturing Orphans and destitute. ROHSS believes that every child is a different kind of Flower and all together makes this world a beautiful garden. Thus, the children and old age people in our homes receive the Love, Warmth, hope and comfort of a family.

It is the high task to meet all the needs of the children and the people under our Shelter. ROHSS doesn’t have any regular financial support from any firm. Sometimes financial assistance is given by some local people and mostly by the personal earnings of the committee members.

  • Providing Shelter to the orphans, widows and old age people.
  • Medical Camps 
  • Camps in rural and tribal areas and distribution of preventing medicines ordinary and preventive medicines in tribal and remote areas.
  • Conducting awareness programmes on health and social issues
  • Animating Street Children, School dropouts and child labour by providing vocational training courses like tailoring, embroidery lace works, leaf plates making, matchboxes making etc., for self-support and to improve the living standards.
  • Organizing relief measurers and rehabilitation
  • Plantation programme to encourage eco-friendly environment.
  • Establishment of colleges {Technical & Non-Technical}, Schools with quality and best teaching standards with residential facilities for underprivileged children and also for the Evangelists, Missionary and all community Children.
  • Establishment Of Medical College and a hospital with international standards.
  • Vocational Training Institutions and also professional Courses centres.
  • Adult Education for Tribals.

To bring hope into the hopeless lives and to transform them with RAYS of LOVE and COMFORT to aggrandize their living standards for a euphonious Nation.


For Orphan children, the Ray of Hope Service Society is providing good education, nutritious food, and caring shelter. Children’s are nourished with ethical values, spiritual and civic sense.


It is sad that the aged people often find themselves totally abandoned by their family. Ray of Hope Service Society provides a home to such uncared mothers with love and warmth. ROHSS provides harmonious homes to them with all the required facilities 


ROHSS organizes medical camps for all the underprivileged people in the society by providing First Aid and discussing preventive measures during the Camp.